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No more cords, experience the convenience of the first wireless auto-curler

Style your hair anywhere at anytime

Making curls and waves is no more a drag, you can finally be beautiful in motion

Say no to the old corded iron, say yes to wireless freedom

Innovation 2020

Curling your hair with an iron takes skills, concentration and courage not to get burnt.

A lot of hair tools on the market do the job at a cost of damaging your hair’s health and leaving a burnt smell after usage.

Traditional hair tools do not fool around and will ruin your time in front of the mirror if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ve made a styling essential that will make your hair time the least of your worry.

Anytime, Anywhere

Tight curls and loose waves haven’t been done easier before.

Imagine getting consistent curls or waves with all the volume you want in front of every mirror no matter where. Now maximum results take little effort with the auto-curler that won't tangle or burn your hair.

We wanted to give you the freedom to become beautiful from anywhere, the compact cordless curler can accompany you anywhere you go to assist you in any situation.